Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I definately deserve the title Silly Kitty ...

It was a bit cold today and we needed to get rid of the last pieces of firewood. I'm working from home so I thought that I would get the fire going. After I got the kindling sorted I went to shove in a log. Well, it got 90% of the way in and then wouldn't fit. Hmmm, maybe if I move it this way. Nope. Not that way either. Uh oh! I couldn't pull the log out as it was half in flames. Panic. Maybe I'll try shoving it really hard then. I was pushing as hard as I could and the kettle on top of the fire toppled and slashed on the inside of my legs. Yeeeeoooowwww! Luckily it wasn't full. The flames were now licking out the top of the door. More Panic. I grabbed Pixie and ran out to the shed. I didn't want to leave her by herself in case she started to investigate the open fireplace door. I grabbed the tomahawk and ran back inside. My leg was killing me where the water had splashed. I started chipping away at the end of the log. Bits of wood were flying everywhere. Pixie had run into the 'cat house' and was hiding. I nearly had the log in when the tomahawk slipped and left a scrape in the side of the heater. It is a nice cast iron fireplace. No time for tears though. The smoke was starting to fill the house. I finally chipped enough off to push the log in. Of course the door wouldn't shut now would it. Sigh. Chip off a tiny bit more and done! The door is closed. Relief. I opened a door to get rid of some of the smoke. None of the smoke alarms had gone off which is a worry. The pain in my leg was getting unbearable. I hobbled to the bathroom and put a cold cloth on it. Aaaah a bit more relief. I surveyed the lounge room. There are bits of wood everywhere and ashes but the house has not burnt down. Phew. I looked like a volunteer fire fighter all covered in soot.
So, here I am. Clean clothed, heart racing, hands shaking and sitting painfully at the computer with a soggy cloth down my pants googling treatment for scalding.
Back to work I suppose,
Silly, Silly Kitty

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