Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Swap for Daylesford Craft Experience

We were given a piece of fabric and some embroidery thread to make something crafty to swap at the Daylesford craft experience this weekend. I got some strawberry fabric and some green thread. Of course I left it to the last minute. I decided to make a pin cushion cuff using the following tutorial.

It was quick and fun and I think I'll be making one for myself next.
I put some felt underneath the pin cushion to stop pins poking through.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Creative Space...

This week my creative space ended up being the couch. I felt like doing some hand sewing so I pulled out my baby sock owl kit, from Craft Schmaft. It is such a cute little kit, has everything you need to do the whole project and the instructions are really great. I was nice and cosy snuggled on the couch with my sewing. Now I need to make a momma sock owl to look after the sleepy baby.

More Creative Spaces at 'kootoyoo' here.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Woo Hoo! I'm going to the Daylesford Craft Experience

I booked a seat today for the Daylesford Craft Experience. Yay!!

This year they have guest designers Kristen Doran, Melanie Hurlston (Melly & Me) & Jodie Carleton (Ric raC).

I'm not sure what goes on at these things but I'm looking forward to meeting some new people, learning new things, getting creative, eating yummy food and chilling out!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Creative Space

I've been lurking around the Creative Spaces over at Kirsty's for a while now - probably nearly 2 years. I finally remembered to take some pictures of my craft room this weekend (while it was tidy). So, here is part of my Creative Space - complete with fluffy monsters.

Milly wondering why I'm standing there and not patting her ...

Pixie - Guarder of Threads...

My little mouse house that is so cute it makes me smile whenever I see it... matchbox beds, crocheted rugs, knitted blankets and teeny kettle & cup...

More Creative Spaces here.
Next week I'll take some pics of some projects I'm working on!

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nikki Cat

I've been watching a few blogs from friends who have Blythe dolls. They've been busy building furniture, making clothes and acquiring the cutest miniature accessories. I have been trying to work out what is so appealing and why I have a sudden need to get one too. Should I still be playing with dolls at my age? Then I figured I was doing too much thinking and should ignore the sane part of my brain (yes apparently it's in there somewhere!).
I found the Petworks Odeco (girl) & Nikki (cat) dolls and couldn't resist my own Nikki Cat. Yay!!

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Cutting Table

My new cutting table arrived on Friday. It is called 'The Pixie' and I bought it on special, with free delivery, from Horn. It is just the right height and I love the pistachio green top. It is shorter than the normal Horn cutting tables - which is really great because I've tried the other tables and they're too high for me.

Sam & I put it together Friday night and here is My Pixie checking out 'The Pixie'.

Now I just need to shuffle the rest of my sewing room around so that it is comfortable. It doesn't feel quite right at the moment but I can't put my finger on what is wrong.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Woah!!! Time does Fly ...

Wowsers! I can't believe it has been well over a year since I last posted. A LOT has been going on. I made the move to Melbourne and absolutely love it here.
Not much has been happening on the craft front after my big upheaval. Work got in the way last year and I'm determined to get my creative gears cranking again.
I have my own HUGE craft room that is getting lonely. I ordered a cutting table which should arrive next week. Am super excited. I've been wanting a proper cutting table for a very long time. My current plastic trestle table is slightly bowed so that when I'm using the rotary cutter it skips a bit. Very annoying.

I attempted a bit of crochet last year. Here is my first Granny Square!

My dear friend and her daughter are moving to Tasmania next weekend. Here is Miss 4's birthday present from Aunty Bell - a very cute roll-a-long deer and a mini-deer. I will miss her funny comments and smiles but I'll be heading over to visit in a couple of weeks - w00t!

My Christmas present, To Me From Me, was a new bike! One that was a bit easier on my little tail. It is really nice to ride, although the Summer rains haven't allowed me to get out on it much yet.

Lastly, the little monsters are going great. Pixie still dribbles when she purrs and Milly seems to sleep 99% of the day. It would be exhausting carrying around all that fur I suppose.

Pixie forgetting to put her tongue back in ...

Milly having a 'nap attack' ...

Cat Olympics - Synchronised Sleeping

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Just a Minute... in August

How can it be the end of August already!! Not that I'm complaining too much because I'm excited that winter will soon be over. But it feels like I'm on fast forward and I want to pause and reflect but I don't have time!

If you want to play along, J.a.M. is brought to us by Jenaveve @ August Street

Watching... Dexter Season 3. Oh how I love this show to bits.

Reading... 'Under the Paw: Confessions of a Cat Man' by Tom Cox. I couldn't resist picking this book up. It has some cute stories in it. I always imagine the main character, in 'Under the Paw', as the main guy from 'About A Boy'.

Finding... out how windy Melbourne is! I need to get a more wind proof hair cut I think. By the time I get into the office I look like I've had a fight with a tornado.

Exploring... my new surroundings. I love driving around finding all the hidden shops and cafes around my area.

Recovering... from going out with new friends. I love that people in Melbourne are very welcoming and friendly.

Listening... to rain on the tin roof and old skool Nine Inch Nails.


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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gettin' my Geek on ...

I got an iPhone last week. I am surprised at how much I adore it, but it was love at first byte. (groan) I took took some pictures with it today - just random shots. I am pretty impressed with the quality. In 'tech years' my digital camera is pretty old and has less megapixels than the iPhone.

Shot#1 (above) is Pixie trying to work out what I'm pointing at her. How cute is her red nose? Well its cute until its being rubbed on your face at 4am!

Shot #2: My thread holder - somewhat organised by colour.

Shot #3 - A cute old cocktail cup. It sounds kinda morbid but the very top of its head comes off so you can pour the drink in. There is also a straw hole in the back of its head. I just like the cheeky side-smile.

Shot #4 - Pixie had to bear the brunt of my photo shoot. She was very accommodating though and made some pretty cute faces.

I'm off to Melbourne this week to visit my best bud. I have the Friday and Monday off - w00t! We're going to check out the 'Persuasion: Fashion in the Age of Jane Austen' exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria and I'm sure there will be coffee, cake and some shopping involved too.
Bell xxx

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My First ... Amigurumi!

I was awed by Amy's amigurumi's and inspired to try it out myself. I really didn't think I would be able to do it but after some google'ing I found a great video on making the adjustable 'magic ring' and also great tips, tricks and instructions for Amigurumi at PlanetJune. I came across this pattern for an owl and thought I would make it for an owly friend who has just graduated. Please meet Professor Hooter ....

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Just a minute in May...

I've been meaning to join Jenaveve's 'Just a minute' roundup for a while now. I've been lurking around reading everyone else's and thought it was time I made a contribution.

Dreading... Winter. It is only two days away and it is so cold already! I hate getting out of bed when it is freezing. It is already starting to get dark at 5pm. Which is pure trickery when you are at work thinking it must be home time and then realise its not. :( The upside is that I finally get to wear my gorgeous leather boots I got in Rome.

Laughing... at the way my blog name displays in FireFox tabs. I reckon if I could sew gspots I'd make a fortune on Etsy!

Cooking... Yes, you read right. Me, cooking! It has been a while but I made Apricot chicken on Coconut rice, Tuna pasta bake and Vegetable Soup this week. I got the Vege soup recipe from Jenaveve and it was awesome. It was even better the next day.

Watching... a bag of Haigh's Coffee Chocolate Buttons disappear as I write this post. Yummers!

Reading... 'When in Rome' by Penolope Green. I really love the honesty of the author and the aussie slang.

Listening... to the rain that seems to have settled in and also to the usual suspects on my iPod - Seether, Tool and Nickelback. Yah, I'm old skool grunge era.

Learning... how to give my cat a tablet. Milly had to go on antibiotics after an abcess burst on her leg. (I know - soooo gross!) I gave her a tablet without any problems the first night. But the next morning she knew what was coming. I tried stealth moves, coersion, treats, force, begging and traps but she kept managing to escape. I ended up taking her back to the vet and they gave her the tablet and then helped me while I practiced on Milly. Ha! After my vet session I was able to get that tablet down her throat before she even knew what was going. Hurrah!!

Wishing... that I was in Melbourne hanging with my bestie so that we could have crafting sessions.

Meeting... up with the Sydney Brown Owls each month. There is a great mix of people and crafts. There's always something interesting going on. I haven't done much crafting in the meetings because I'm usually chatting. The next meeting is June 4th and Amy (badskirt) is going to teach us how to piece hexagons. A few of us are also going to meet up at the Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair on June 12th. Good Times!

til next time,

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Handmade Help Kits

I put together a stack of knitting kits for Handmade Helps Out. They contain knitting needles, yarn needles, row markers, scissors, a knitting gauge, crochet hooks and a pattern book.

Pixie was trying to "help" and got caught in a bag.

*sigh* - she wasn't impressed ... especially since I was taking pictures and not helping.

At our last Brown Owls meeting we made up a bunch of fabric and embellishment packs.

My work very generously couriered them to Meet Me at Mike's so hopefully they have arrived safely and will help some crafters build up their supplies.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunny Day Owl

Last year I joined a crafting club called "Brown Owls". I was given my very own member name - Sunny Day Owl. I was very excited to be chosen as a Brown Owls Prefect for the NSW chapter. There are four of us BOPs in Sydney and we'll work together to organise monthly meetings and events. We met up last month to plan the first meeting and everything is all organised for the 5th March. The first meeting is going to be an Owl theme (of course). We're each going to make up some craft kits if members want to try something different. Here's a prototype of my "Sunny Day Owl" badge. I got the inspiration from an owl design on a pair of trackie pants I got from Target.

I'll blanket stitch all the pieces in place, stitch the back on and stuff it a little bit. I might get rid of the tummy piece I think.

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Tea Cosy

I made this tea cosy for a friend's birthday. I was really happy with how it turned out. I love the colours.

I don't actually have a tea pot so I made a card board cut out so I could see how it looked. :D

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Re-stash a Crafter

Don't get me wrong, donating money is most important, but I still feel like there's more I can do. Then I started reading 'Handmade Help' and realised that there is a lot I can do. Last year I got bags of knitting and crochet supplies from Spotlight. I'm going to package them up into kits and donate them to 'Re-stash a Crafter'. I think it is a great idea. It is so inspiring to read all the blogs and community groups who are getting together to make bags, quilts, toys, appliqued clothes and lots more crafty goods for people affected by the bushfires. I started thinking that buying sewing or crafting supplies is going to be waaaay down the shopping list for people who are struggling to get their lives back in order. They will have lost all of their supplies that they have probably spent years collecting. If I can donate some knitting, crochet and sewing kits then hopefully it will give someone a starting point for their new stash and the opportunity to keep doing what they love.

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