Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gettin' my Geek on ...

I got an iPhone last week. I am surprised at how much I adore it, but it was love at first byte. (groan) I took took some pictures with it today - just random shots. I am pretty impressed with the quality. In 'tech years' my digital camera is pretty old and has less megapixels than the iPhone.

Shot#1 (above) is Pixie trying to work out what I'm pointing at her. How cute is her red nose? Well its cute until its being rubbed on your face at 4am!

Shot #2: My thread holder - somewhat organised by colour.

Shot #3 - A cute old cocktail cup. It sounds kinda morbid but the very top of its head comes off so you can pour the drink in. There is also a straw hole in the back of its head. I just like the cheeky side-smile.

Shot #4 - Pixie had to bear the brunt of my photo shoot. She was very accommodating though and made some pretty cute faces.

I'm off to Melbourne this week to visit my best bud. I have the Friday and Monday off - w00t! We're going to check out the 'Persuasion: Fashion in the Age of Jane Austen' exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria and I'm sure there will be coffee, cake and some shopping involved too.
Bell xxx

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