Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ready for my new home

Here is the completed Lil Lucky Duck quilt ready to go to its new home.

And here's what the back looks like:

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Ta-Da! Finished

It took me a couple of hours or more to snip all of the raw seams at 1/4" intervals. It was worth it though because the seams came out nice and fluffy after being washed & dried.

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Label Binding

To make up for my short binding I created extra binding out of some leftover white flannel from the side of the duck panel. I attached the binding so that it was the length & width of the corner square. I then made up some labels and reverse printed them onto transfer paper. I ironed them onto the binding and viola, disaster averted. The side label says "Lil Lucky Duck" with pictures of ducks in the background.
I was a bit worried that the labels would come off in the washing machine but you can see below that they survived the washer & dryer!

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Ran out of binding!

I was sewing my binding on and realised I was short about 2-3 inches! I went to my local sewing shops but no-one had any flannel that matched. Arrrrgh!!

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Sewing the strips to the panel

The strips were sewn together in pairs, with the raw seams to the front, and then the shorter strips were pinned and sewn to the top of the duck panel. To reduce bulky seams I pinned the seams, of each square, in opposite directions. This also makes it easier to align the rows. When I sewed the side strips on I found that they were too long. If I sewed them on as they were then the squares wouldn't line up with the top rows of squares. So, I pinned the squares to match the top strip's squares and then along the sides of the panel I pinned the extra material over at the seams as I sewed. It was a little bit puckered along the seams but I just eased them along so they were less noticeable.

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Silly Kitty

The cats quite like trying to sleep on the quilt. Even trying to sleep on the unsewn squares. Here's Milly being busted and shooed away from the strips.

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Starting to get it together

I sewed all of the squares in strips. There are two strips of 7 squares for the top of the duck panel and 2 strips of 8 squares for the sides of the panel.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Lucky Duck Panel

This is the lucky duck panel being prepared for quilting.

Each layer (backing fabric, wadding and then front panel) was masking taped down to my sewing table to hold it tight while I basted the layers together. I also put in some safety pins in the middle of each square to hold them still while I machine quilted the panel. I was quite happy with the quilting. I went around the duck and made a template of the star shape and quilted that on the opposite side and also on the duck's tummy. I quilted crosses in each square and traced around the borders and the 'BABY' wording.

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Take a cutting ...

Here's the stack of materials cut meticulously into 120 x 6 1/4" squares of flannel material and 60 x 5 3/4" squares of batting.

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Lil Lucky Duck

A friend asked if I would make a baby quilt to give to one of their friends who is due in Nov (07). It took me ages to decide on what to make. There are just too many options out there. I ended up finding an adorable quilt kit called Lil Lucky Duck. I found it when JenaVeve & I went to a craft show in Melbourne, VIC. It is a raggy, flannel quilt. The next few posts will be the making of the duck quilt. I used to go to patchwork group every Saturday morning. My teacher is an awesome quilter and has won many awards. Anyway, she said that I should always name my quilts. So I took her advice, literally, and this quilt is called "Hector".

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