Monday, March 31, 2008

Milly's Slobo Bag

Well, it's not really Milly's bag but she was hanging around when I was coming up with a name for it. Slobo is my name for a Hobo/Slouch bag combo. Poor Pixie was all tuckered out from her napping and had to have another nap.

I've got to do some hand sewing to finish it off. The straps are a little too wide for my shoulders so I might try to adjust them. I will also adjust my pattern for next time too. I got the pattern from tiny happy's tutorial and have made a few adjustments.

Here is the 'in progress' Slobo bag. The floral fabric is the inside lining with 3 pockets. The stripy fabric is a fine cord and it is the outside of the bag.
This photo is a silhouette of our new kitty (statue) at the front door - you can see the springy tail.

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A Succu-Barrow

"A what?", I hear you ask. A succu-barrow - duh! Is an old wheel barrow that you plant with succulents. Here is proof that succu-barrows do exist.
The wheel barrow also needs a token statue. Mine is a napping cat made out of stone. I had fun picking out all the succulents. They are only small but they will grow fast, I hope. I also couldn't resist the following kitty for the front door. I love the wire tail.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Something Random

We went on a house boat cruise with a group of friends last year. We had the most amazing time. The pelicans were always around. I shot this picture as they were taking off after eating some carp that we threw to them. They are just such beautiful birds. A bit daunting when they swallow a huge fish in one gulp though.

In other news, I installed Picasa today (photo editing and organising software by Google) and I am impressed by how easy it is and how many editing options you have.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Introducing Max Power

I made Max from the Wee Wonderfuls Pointy Kitty pattern. It was pretty easy to make. Although getting the head right, so that the kitty didn't fall over, took a little while.
I took a picture of our new fish Angus and Max wanted to get in on the action:
Pixie, Milly and Max all kicking back:

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BtR Sewing Swap

Yay! A Bend the Rules sewing swap. The first swap is the Pleated Beauty Bag. I've signed up and am so excited and a little nervous. Here's a link for the swap:

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Shopping & hanging with my bestie

Is there no better holiday than hanging out with your best bud, shopping, sewing and going to a craft show?

We spent the first day exploring some stores we'd seen in other blogs. First stop was Meet Me At Mikes. Such an awesome little store and really nice people. We picked out a handmade heart each. The proceeds from each heart go to the Mirabel Foundation.
We wandered around looking at all the great shops. It was so hot! At least mid-high 30's. We stopped in at the in.cube8r gallery. It is a really great store. There were so many things I would love to buy.

While we were looking around the store someone took a piece of jewelery. I ran after the suspected shop lifter and brought her back to the store. Much to Jen & the store keepers surprise. But I just felt really bad for the shop keeper, she looked so upset. The suspect denied it and we had to let them go.

After the drama we needed sustenance. We stopped by the local chocolateria and after a dark chocolate milkshake and some cheesecake we had to look at shoe shops to distract us from our tummy aches.

We stopped by Douglas & Hope just before it closed. I got a cute kitty pattern, Little Kitty, by Melly & Me and some fabric.
The next day we went to the Stitches and Craft show. I loved the Living Creatively garden. I thought they were kidding when they said they had rabbits in it. But there were adorable little bunnies hopping around. I couldn't resist these fabrics. Cats, cupcakes, butterflies, paw prints and stripes!

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

High Tea

Jen & I went to the Stitches & Craft show last weekend. We booked into a stained glass applique class, with Gai from Just Patchwork, and made this. It was lots of fun. Appliquéing the binding (the 'lead' strips) was a bit tricky but it worked out well and we had a great time making it together.

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Yay - Birthday Girl!

The very talented Jenaveve gave me the best-est birthday present. She hand made me some place mats out of the cutest kitty fabric. They are so beautiful and I am scared to use them but I will!
Thx Jen!!

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I-Scream for Ice-Cream

Jeff bought me an awesome ice-cream maker for my birthday. The gift that keeps on giving. He made me vanilla ice-cream first. It was flavoured with the insides of a vanilla pod and was very yummy. Next was chocolate ice-cream with dark chocolate chunks. It tasted like an ice-cream brownie.

Jeff made huge cookies which he turned into ice-cream sandwiches. Not the most nutritious meal but it was my birthday so I could eat anything I wanted. I did have heart palpitations and a tummy ache afterwards but it was worth it.

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Monday, March 17, 2008

One in a Million Friend

This award goes to my best bud Jen.
She is the loveliest, smartest and most inspirational person I know.
I really wish I lived closer so that I could visit her all the time.
Miss you! :(

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