Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fi's Birthday Quilt - done!

I keep forgetting to post the finished quilt! It looks a lot like the 'in progress' picture except that the quilting and binding was added - not that you can really see it in the photos.

My sewing machine was playing up while I was quilting. :( No matter how I adjusted the tension the red bobbin thread kept showing on the front of the quilt. So, I had lines of little red dots. I pulled the sewing machine apart and gave it a clean and found a little screw on the bobbin compartment when I took it out. I tightened it and woo hoo, the tension is balanced. Pity I had already finished the quilting. But the red dots were annoying me so I put in some variegated thread and embroidery quilted a wavy pattern over the lines and it looks purrfect. I was a lot happier.

I sewed for 16 hours straight on Friday to finish the quilt so that I could give it to Fi on Saturday. Hand stitching the binding takes soooo long. But it looks great. I was really happy with the label, apart from the fact that I had stitched it on sideways. But I printed another message and attached it the right way up so that it looks like I made the label to be that way.

I probably should have ironed it before giving it to Fi but I rather like the crinkly effect that quilts get after being washed. Ironing it would have made it to crisp and new looking. If I had more time I would have quilted it a bit more in each square - it is a little saggy because it was still a little damp when I took the picture.

The top of the purple border still annoys me. I wish I had more red so that I could have extended it up a little bit. But Fi really likes the quilt and already has it on their bed so that is all that matters. As always, Milly is in the background doing her quality check before the quilt is handed over to its new owner.

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