Monday, March 31, 2008

Milly's Slobo Bag

Well, it's not really Milly's bag but she was hanging around when I was coming up with a name for it. Slobo is my name for a Hobo/Slouch bag combo. Poor Pixie was all tuckered out from her napping and had to have another nap.

I've got to do some hand sewing to finish it off. The straps are a little too wide for my shoulders so I might try to adjust them. I will also adjust my pattern for next time too. I got the pattern from tiny happy's tutorial and have made a few adjustments.

Here is the 'in progress' Slobo bag. The floral fabric is the inside lining with 3 pockets. The stripy fabric is a fine cord and it is the outside of the bag.
This photo is a silhouette of our new kitty (statue) at the front door - you can see the springy tail.


Jenaveve said...

Cool silhouette! And it's a very clever name - Slobo bag. I like the stripy fabric... what pattern are you using?

Silly Kitty :) said...

Thx! I have had the stripy fabric for ages and am excited to finally be able to use it for something.