Saturday, April 5, 2008

Can't have too many bags ...

I wasn't quite sure about this bag. But I made some adjustments and now I'm really happy with how it turned out.

The straps were way too wide (3") so I folded and sewed them in half. I also added a strip of fabric over the inside seam of the strap to cover the middle seam and make it padded a little bit. The bag looked a bit plain so I made a pocket for the front, added a cat button and put on some velvet ribbon to finish it off.
The great thing about making your own bag is that you can add lots of pockets. One for keys, one for my train ticket, one for my mobile phone etc. And of course plenty of space for a label.
Things I will adjust for next time:
a) Adjust the pattern to make the straps 1.5" wide.
b) Add an insert in the bottom of the bag so that it sits flatter.
c) Add the pocket to the pattern.
d) Sew the button to the tab and put a magnetic closure on the back of the tab and the pocket.

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